• The application process was excellent... Your complete staff are awesome and so are the support staff.

    ~ Michel & Paulette View Property
  • I sincerely appreciate the wonderful service that I have received from the maintenance team and office administrators at Village Millcraft.

    ~ Rachel View Property
  • Safe, quiet, friendly living.

    ~ Sandy
  • Renovated, clean, secure, are some of the words that come to mind. The feeling of living in a community setting with lots of trees and green grass. I needed a place where I could feel secure and assured that management would help me if I needed to be reassured

    ~ Marie
  • Very satisfied with the ease of application process and approval process, and the promptness of maintenance work (often immediate).

    ~ Katherine View Property
  • Being a current tenant, I am glad to see suggestions taken and utilized, Thank you again to management

    ~ Brian View Property
  • I just want to thank you guys for having a quick responding professional staff! Thank you

    ~ Brian
  • Thank you for the excellent services

    ~ Ammar View Property
  • During a long distance application process, the staff were all extremely patient with timing, and keeping me updated at all times.  Cleanliness upon receiving the unit is perfect and the unit feels like a HOME immediately.  The Location of Village Millcraft is neighbourly, inviting and family oriented.  It meets the needs of young and old adults alike with its PRIME location.  Green space and low noise levels offer a sense of escape from the busy main street just a few meters away!

    ~ Courtney
  • Hello!

    Just wanted to send a quick thank you! Someone came to fix my drain today (super quickly, I might add) and it was the first time EVER that I've come home after someone's been in my apartment and not had my dog having a panic attack and sick in his kennel. He's a rescue and super afraid of strangers in his space so whoever it was was clearly very quiet and respectful of my request to ignore him. It made my day to come home to a clean and happy pup. 

    I appreciate it, thanks again!!!


    ~ Kate View Property