Reviews = Rewards

By: Sherrie
- Published on: May 28 2015
Reviews = Rewards

Search Village Millcraft Apartments on YELP or Google + Write a Review and you could be Entered to WIN!

Village Millcraft Apartments Appreciates Your Feedback!


It is how we improve, and lets us know what we are doing right.

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It can be as easy as giving us your feedback!



Did you recently move in? Why did you move here? What do you like about living here? How was the process (showing, application, lease signing)? Now that you are HERE (or maybe you have been living us for a while), what do you Like about living here? How would you rate our attention to details, maintenance requests, and interaction with staff?

We would LOVE to hear from you!  If you take the time to fill out a Review on Yelp, or Google + you will be entered to WIN $100.00 Gift Certificate to The Keg ~ Steakhouse

At the end of JUNE we will draw from the list of names of everyone who has taken the time to make a Review!

Thank you in Advance, And Good Luck in the Draw!