Ready... Set.. Explore... Ottawa's Museums

By: Elise Schulzke
- Published on: Jun 25 2015
Ready... Set.. Explore... Ottawa's Museums

War Museum

Ready... Set... Explore... Ottawa's Museums


Canada's capital has so much to offer. It's the beating heart of our country's politics and culture. That being said, what better way to explore it all than by visiting one of the many museums Ottawa has to offer.




Science, nature, history, war, aviation, agriculture; you name it! There's something for every member of the family.


Science and Technology Museum

Light, trains, space and electricity are all featured in this exciting visit for the whole family! Yes mom, there's even a Kid Zone. Located at 1867 St. Laurent Blvd, the museum is currently closed for urgent repairs. Stay tuned for the reopening date!

Museum of Nature

Get ready to be blown away with the beauty of our earth in this Victorian-style castle of a museum. The museum includes an ocean gallery, impressive dinosaur exhibit and so much more! If you enjoy animals, plants, dinosaurs and minerals this is the place to be. The museum is located at 240 McLeod St.

Museum of History

This museum is considered the home of Canada's story. It features acclaimed international exhibits and a 3D IMAX theatre, topped off with a world renowned children's museum. Travel Canada and the world without leaving the building; the parents will have as much fun as the kids! Located at 100 Laurier St. in Gatineau, it's only a quick jump across the Ottawa River.

War Museum

This museum tells how Canada has been molded by conflict; preserving the heritage and memory of our soldiers who have served our country. The museum includes the French/British early wars, to the First and Second World Wars, all the way through the Cold War and Canadian Peacekeeping. The museum is built to resemble a bunker, complete with a self-sustaining ecosystem on the roof. It is located in downtown Ottawa at 1 Vimy Place.

Aviation and Space Museum

Take a flight from wood frames and canvas wings to the powerhouse steel jets of WWII.  Take a Canadian-focused walk through the innovation of flight. The museum contains flight simulators and interactive exhibits. Sit in a cockpit or ejection seat, a biplane or fighter jet. It's yours to explore! Check out their website for demonstration times and more. 11 Aviation Parkway in Ottawa.

Museum of Agriculture

This museum also doubles as a fully working farm, demonstrating how Ottawa is a green-focused capital. The farm buildings are coupled with beautiful gardens, right across from the Rideau Canal. It provides a country style escape in the middle of the city. Experience hands-on time with chickens, pigs, sheep, horses and more. Carriage rides and cow milking demonstrations are also available. Relax on the grounds with a picnic and enjoy a day on the farm at 901 Prince of Wales Drive.  

Start Exploring all that Ottawa has to offer this Summer! ENJOY!