6 Tricks to make your Life easier!

By: Elise Schulzke
- Published on: Jul 3 2015
6 Tricks to make your Life easier!

6 'Hacks' to make your life easier...



Sometimes in life there are seemingly simple things that cause more problems than they should.

Today, Village Millcraft has 6 tips to save you time and stress! Happy living!






  1. If you have an acne problem, sleeping with the same pillowcase may contribute to the problem. Try using a clean one every week.

  2. Travel frequently? Try tying bright fabric or shoelace to your suitcase for easy identification at baggage claim. 

  3. When ironing a business shirt, try doing it inside out. The iron won't hit the buttons, making it smoother.

  4. Use a spring from an empty pen to keep cords from breaking or fraying.

  5. To save on space and dishes at your BBQ, use a muffin tin to hold condiments like ketchup and mustard

  6. Paint the heads of you keys with nail polish for easy identification